Herbón - Padrón peppers must be kept in a cool and dry place, or refrigerated, avoiding the physical deterioration (colour and brightness) in their own bag.

If they are exposed to intense heat the spiciness can increase.

If they are kept in the fridge, too low temperatures must be avoided to avert that they get darkened, and they must be preferably kept in the lower part of the fridge or in that adapted to vegetables.

Preferential expiring date must be between 7 and 15 days or, or more, depending on the preservation given. It is recommended to consume them from the harvesting day up to even five or seven days after the packaging.

Note: It must be taken into account that the percentage of peppers in which the capsaicin level is high enough to make them spicy is around the 10%, so, in front of a plate of peppers, and considering the selection made, they should not exceed this limit, between 10% or 20%, although this is not an exact science.

Peppers from Padrón, some burn and some don´t!!

In case of any doubt the packaging and labelling must be verified and then the production place.

In any case you can get in contact with us whenever you want, do not doubt to ask about our product any doubt you have without compromise, we will try to answer you as soon as possible.

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