In the SAT A Pementeira we select manually those peppers which fulfil the quality standards we self-demand.
The peppers packaging in individual bags of 400 grams that allow product oxygenation, as well as the transport to the points of sale, guarantees at all times the correct preservation of the goods along a process that A Pementeira cares for and watches from the orchard to the customer.

Certificate of Protected Designation of Origin

“Herbón Pepper” got the recognition as Certificate of Protected Designation of Origin by the Order of the Consejería del Medio Rural (Ministry of Rural Economical Affairs) the 1st of July, 2009, that passed its Regulations and designated the Provisional Regulating Board.

Its registration in the National Register of Protected Designation of Origin and Protected Geographical Indication took place following the Regulation (UE) N 700/2010 of the Commission of the 4th of August, 2010.

The Protected Designation of Origin (DOP) constitute the system used in Spain to recognize a differentiated quality, consequence of own and differentiating characteristics, caused by the geographical area where the raw materials are produced and elaborated, and by the influence of the human factor participating.

These DOP are regulated by Regulations of the CCE and they are recognized in Europe.

Herbón Peppers A Pementeira are characterized by their certified origin and their careful production, moreover, they are under the DOP “Herbón Pepper”. This way we must assure that the packages we buy have the seal of the Designation visible and a numerated second label, supplied by the Regulating board.


Company certified by Galicia Calidade (Galician Quality)

Galicia Calidade
GALICIA CALIDADE is a big brand protected by the Ministry of Economy and Industry and by the Xunta de Galicia, looked for the consumers that recognize confidence, prestige and quality on it.

Its programs of audits and tests, guarantee that the products and services it protects have passed the required controls, and for that the highest quality raw materials, optimal productions and excellent services are necessary.

A PEMENTEIRA was certified by Galicia Calidade in May, 2012.

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