Peppers arrived to these lands coming from South America (probably Mexico, although the origin of the plant is located in Bolivia) at the end of the 16th century by the hand of the Franciscan missionaries who set up in the monastery of Herbón.

Herbón is a small rural village that belongs to the council of Padrón (A Coruña). Its population has been working and pampering their orchards for centuries with different crops, among which the Pepper stands out. Talking about Herbón Peppers is talking about the people that grow them, offering a warranty of tradition and culture of the Galician orchard.

As years went by and with care, this species adapted progressively to the climate and soil of the valleys of the rivers Ulla and Sar, with an adaptation which lead to what we now know as Herbón Peppers (Padrón).
In Padrón there are nowadays about 14 hectares of green houses dedicated to the Pepper farming, together with about 20 hectares open air. Total production could reach approximately 1.3 million kilos per year.

Convento de Herbón

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