1. Scope of application.

These General Conditions are meant for the long distance online purchasing of goods from the Web page managed by the company.

Present General Conditions will be of application to all the deliveries performed by A Pementeira in the name of its web

The customer accepts these conditions as well as the indications described in the sections “Payment Methods” “Shipment Costs”, “Delivery times” and “Returns” of the page foot.

2. Acceptance of the General Sales Conditions.

2.1. The customer, during the purchase on the web and prior payment, accepts and is committed to fulfil his relations with the virtual shop. General conditions and payment conditions are those indicated in the present contract, declaring the Customer to have read and accepted all the indications given in the terms of the already mentioned regulation, and also take into account that the virtual shop itself is not bound to any other condition but the previously established in writing.

2.2. The sale and supply of products by A PEMENTEIRA, S.L. is subjected to the present general conditions of contracting (the “Conditions” and the contract between the Customer and A PEMENTEIRA ruled by these Conditions will be designed together as “the Contract”), without being of application whatever other different or additional conditions that may be contained in any order, document or communication (“The Order”) and that modify, alter, or contradict this Contract terms.


3. Customer obligations.

3.1. The General Sales Conditions must be read on-line by customers visiting the page and virtual shop, before confirming their purchasing payment. This way the confirmation of the order implies the full knowledge of these General Sales Conditions and their full acceptance.

3.2. The Customer is the unique responsible, exonerating as may be appropriate to A Pementeira for any damage derived from an incorrect use, storage, preservation or handling of the Products.

3.3. A PEMENTEIRA does not assume also any responsibility derived from typographic error or any other type, or for any omission possible concerning product information.

4. Making an order in the virtual shop.

The Customer shops products, available as they are described in the online shop in the relative descriptive cards and the price, VAT INCLUDED. Before confirming the purchase the Customer will have a recapitulation of the unit cost of the preselected product or the total cost in case of more than one product purchase. When confirming the order and at the end of the transaction, the Customer will receive the information about the Number, Date, Total amount of the order. (Except in cases of cash on delivery payment in which the supplement directly paid to the transport operator is not included)


IMPORTANT: Prices indicated in this web are valid only for web orders up to 20 kg. (except The Canary and Balear Islands limited to10 kg.). In case of orders exceeding this weight get in contact with us via e-mail.

5. Payment.

5.1. Purchased goods payment and payment of the dispatching costs must be performed by the Customer when sending order confirmation through PayPal, Bank Card, Cash on delivery or Bank Transfer.

5.2. If the deposit is not verified by the financial entities, order will not be processed.

6. Availability and delivery of products.

6.1. Our premises in the industrial park Polígono de Picusa in Padrón (A Coruña) will be considered the dispatching place of all transactions. Delivery times will be considered once the payment is verified or when the goods are ready to be shipped/delivered.

6.2. Delivery times are approximate due to the nature of the product and a delay in delivery times does not imply in any case a possible action to obtain damages and compensation.

7. Transport.

7.1. The Customer cannot indicate the means of transport to receive the goods; it will be shipped through the means considered by the company.

7.2. Shipping costs and delivery times will vary depending on the country or shipping zone.

7.3. The Customer can and should consult the present shipping costs, being that way the Customer the only responsible, exonerating A PEMENTEIRA, for any claiming action.

7.4. Online shop A PEMENTEIRA sells to the following countries:
Spain (excluding Ceuta y Melilla), Portugal, Germany, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Holland, Ireland, Luxemburg, Czech Rep., Sweden, Switzerland, Andorra, Monaco and Norway.

7.5 Depending on the country, different charges could be applied under customs/taxes. These costs will be chargeable to the recipient customer of that order. In any case A PEMENTEIRA will assume charges under customs or similar.

7.6. In any case transport costs include cash on delivery payment costs.

8. What to do when receiving your order?.

8.1. Verify your order reception.

8.2. Verify that the product corresponds your order and that it does not have apparent damage. If everything is correct, accept the delivery.

8.3. If the product does not correspond to your order or if it presents external damage, leave evidence with a brief description in the delivery note to sign.

8.4. Send an e-mail to in the following 24 hours from the order reception to indicate the problem.

9. General issues.

9.1. Making an order in the online shops means accepting all these legal conditions by the Customer.

9.2. An order is not final until is accepted by A PEMENTEIRA.

9.3. In any case, being A PEMENTEIRA obliged to assume responsibility on damages and compensation towards the Customer, it will be limited to an amount equivalent to the corresponding amount cost of the order of the product causing the damage, unless an applicable mandatory law orders A PEMENTEIRA a higher quantitative limit.

9.4. Due to the perishable nature of the peppers RETURNS ARE NOT ALLOWED, unless the product arrives in a bad condition to its destiny, in this case the Customer must get in contact with A Pementeira in the following 24 hours from its reception, keeping the product in its original packaging and keeping any possible evidence for the justification of the refund of the amount cost of the order. For more information consult the section “RETURNS” on the web.

10. Prices.

10.1. Published prices are valid except in case of typographic error or lack of stock of the product due to ist nature. Shown products prices include VAT. Shipping costs are NOT included.

10.2. A PEMENTEIRA could modify sale prices of the Products at any time. Raising or lowering of the prices will not affect to those orders being processed that have been previously accepted by A PEMENTEIRA.

In the event that the Customer makes an order of products with a wrong price, A PEMENTEIRA will communicate the correct price and in its case its acceptance prior processing the order.

10.3. Prices are subject to change at any moment. Prices only express the value of the Products and they do not include shipping costs, cash on delivery payment costs, shipping charges or customs fees, or any other type of charges or costs, as those related to special packaging and labelling of the products, licenses, certificates, customs duties (all together as “Additional Costs”). Additional costs will be chargeable to the Customer.

10.4. Prices published on this web correspond to the European Community currency “euro”.

11. LOPD.

As planned in the regulation of the protection of personal information, the online shop informs the user of the existence of a data file with the information of the users (Customers) who introduce data on the corporative web, created to fulfil information, formation and commercial promotion duties of the online shop services. Likewise, the online shop informs you about the possibility of executing its right to access, rectification, cancellation and opposition of the personal data included in the file. The online shop commits to fulfil its obligation of confidentiality of personal information and its duty of keeping them and it will adopt the necessary measures to avoid its alteration, loss, unauthorized treatment or access, taking into consideration the estate of the technological means.


12.1. The online shop will not ship any product until the Commercial Department has checked that the 100% of the payment has been done, except in cash on delivery payment cases.

12.2. Delivery will be considered fulfilled the moment the online shop puts the products at the Customer disposal and he has accepted the delivery note. It corresponds to the Customer to verify products on reception and expose any exception or claim that can be justified.

12.3. Delivery times are those indicated by the online shop, and the online shop tries to respect them, Notwithstanding, a delay in the delivery times will not imply order cancellation or payment of any compensation. Any penalty clause due to delay introduced by the Customer in his order shall be null and void.

12.4.Delivery times are those indicated for each product, but they are subject to availability due to schedule or lack of stock. You can obtain more information about estimated delivery times in the section “Delivery Times” on the web page foot.

12.5. Any modification in the delivery times on the side of the Customer will have to be accepted specifically by A PEMENTEIRA.

12.6. A PEMENTEIRA reserves the right to stop the delivery of ordered goods without incurring in any responsibility, due to lack of stock or in case of economical insolvency by the Customer.

12.7. Products delivery will always be in the total order, not existing fractioning due to the character of the products.

13.Claims and returns.

13.1. Any claim for goods damage will have to be informed in the following 24 hours to the reception of the order for us to make the claim to the transport company.

Claims that exceed this period of time will not be accepted.

13.2. In case of shipment error or for reasons attributable to A PEMENTEIRA collect on delivery will not be accepted. Our firm will take the corresponding management to remove the wrong goods and to replace the correct ones.

13.3. Any claim due to lack of shipment or shipment errors will have to be notified in a maximum of 24 hours from order reception.

13.4. The Customer has no right to ask for return if he has not reported the error/defect sending an e-mail to the Customers Assistance Service in the following 24 hours after receiving the order to inform us about the problem.

13.5. Claims or actions to obtain damages and compensation by the Customer on any reason when there is no grave offence or frauds on the side of A PEMENTEIRA are expressly excluded.

13.6. Customer agreement regarding the quantity of products delivered with respect to an order, will be performed through the signature of the corresponding delivery note at the very moment of delivery. If the Customer does not claim in case of a possible defect of quantity or quality in the stipulated time after receiving the products A PEMENTEIRA will not assume any responsibility.

13.7. In the cases in which a Customer must be refunded A PEMENTEIRA will arrange the payment in a peremptory period and in the same way the purchase was made, using the same supplier (PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, etc.). A PEMENTEIRA will not be responsible of the managing times of these suppliers.

You can find more information in the section “Returns” at the web page foot.


A PEMENTEIRA guarantees the quality and reliability of the products, and it expires the moment the goods are modified or handled, because any modification is understood done under the Customer responsibility.

15. Invoice.

The Customer accepts receiving his invoice in digital format (via e-mail) having also the possibility of downloading i ton the section “My Orders” in the personal area of the online shop.

16.Final Clarification.

In case of doubts related to the purchasing process you count with the e-mail address and we will answer as soon as possible.

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